Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kym Flies and Saves Lives

Kym Flies and Saves Lives by Judy Takács

When I talk to Kym my hyperactive soul relaxes. She exists quietly and peacefully in the moment and exudes a calm that should be bottled.

The things she does for fun, however, belong on the checklists of adventurers; motorcycling, kayaking, skydiving, flying a helicopter, running in benefit races, and, most impressively, rock climbing…on a girls’ weekend no less!

She volunteers for the Red Cross and rushes in to help in fires, tragedies, and accidents. I know that her trademark calm is a comfort to those whose lives have undergone horrible upheaval.

When I asked Kym about posing, I pictured her Lady Godiva hair cascading down for modesty giving her the freedom to hold her balls high and proud. The balls she chose were the hackysack pulls to a skydiving parachute.  She gently shows us these humble balls which are the lifeline to the parachute she relies on when she jumps out of an airplane 10,000 above the earth.

Kym has given up skydiving for a while now as she raises her two boys with her spirit of adventure, but I’m thinking at some milestone or another over the next 10 years I’ll be seeing facebook photos of a family skydiving adventure, and Kym will be out there in the blue, in the zone, in the moment, at peace with the world, knowing her hackysack pulls are near.