Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A shameless plug for Allied Artists of America…which is about to get a whole lot more social!

That’s because, I’m the new Social Media Chair for the Allied Artists of America…that’s their logo above!

Not sure how this happened, but just about 10 years ago, I remember sitting at dinner with friends and saying, “Wait…facebook? What’s that?” Sharon, who was several steps ahead of me said she’d send me a “friend request” (huh? I’d known her for 10 years already) so I could join up. 

And she did. And then I joined up.

And the rest is history…or at least facebook history…which changes on a dime depending on their algorithms du jour. 

For some reason now, I’m considered a “social media expert”…not by the young mind you, but by the mature folk like myself and older. So I get offered amazing opportunities to do work in social media, have a lot of influence, meet some talented artists and even speak on the topic at my upcoming two-artist exhibition!
My social media expertise was first rewarded/called upon in 2014 when Judith Carducci asked me to Chair the New Media Relations Committee of the Cecilia Beaux Forum of the Portrait Society of America. She didn’t need to twist my arm. I was chomping at the bit to play a more significant and useful role in this worthy organization whose meetings I love to attend and whose members I love to party with. 

I wrapped up my 3-year term at the Portrait Society of America and left things in excellent hands with the new Chair of Social Media, Stephanie Deshpande, when just last month, I was approached by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso.  I had originally met Gabriela when I wrote a Portrait Society blog article about her series of self-portraits as the great women artists of history…shortly after that Gabriela wrote an article about me for Sankofa Review

So, fast forward to January 2018, Gabriela asked me if I would be interested in the position of Social Media Chair for the Allied Artists of America. This was a Board Position with a national arts organization, based in NYC, and had been around for 114 years, so I was thrilled to…very impulsively…say yes immediately. In fact, I remember my return text to Gabriela (from the cab we were in on the way to see the Michelangelo show at the MET) was, “I shall impulsively say yes!”

So, now, for the shameless plug… 

If you’re an artist, I’ve set up some social media platforms for Allied Artists of America that will help you connect and enhance the reach of your own social media efforts.

If you’re a collector, patron, art lover, or just a big fan of all things creative, these social media platforms are for you too! Have fun with them and enjoy!

REQUEST TO JOIN the NEW Allied Artists of America Group Page on Facebook. Here’s where members can easily share art achievements, activities, blog posts, workshops, upcoming shows, awards and announcements. 
You can also share content that may be of interest to other members; upcoming museum exhibits, articles on art issues, blogs about process and materials…or ask questions, advice and bring up art topics for discussion.

LIKE the existing Allied Artists of America Page on Facebook…and click “See First” to make sure you see what is posted there! These two facebook pages will work together to enhance your reach.

FOLLOW us on the NEW Instagram account…@alliedartistsofamerica…and we’ll follow you back! Tag @alliedartistsofamerica when you post announcements to your own instagram and further your reach!

If you know me, it seems like I’m *always* on facebook…I’m actually not, but I’m there quite a bit, so these will be well-tended pages. And if you post and share and comment, these sites will be exponentially even more fun, and help expand the reach of your art marketing efforts.

And, if you’d like to get in on an actual membership to the Allied Artists of America, here’s how you can  join or renew your membership and, 
if you’re an Associate Member, enter the Associate Online Exhibition…deadline April 15th! Entering this show may well be your fast pass to “elected membership” in the Allied Artists of America…the top ten winners of the Online Associate show will be invited to become elected members!

Remember, you can enjoy the Social Media platforms of Allied Artists of America no matter whether you’re a member or not. I hope to see many of you out there on facebook and will work to make Allied Artists of America your new favorite arts organization!